Twilight Lands

Character Creation


All characters may be built using the point buy system with the following limitations: no attribute may start above 18 at 1st level after modifiers are applied (therefore, 18 is the highest possible starting stat at 1st level). Also, no character may have more than one attribute lower than 10 at 1st level.

Starting Languages

The following languages are available to learn at 1st level (parentheses give the specific races that commonly speak it): Abyssal (Demons, Gnolls, Humans), Deep Speech (Aberrations, Drow, Duergar, Dwarves, Humans, Kobolds), Draconic (Dragons, the Empire, Fey), Dwarvish (Duergar, Dwarves, Humans), Elvish (Drow, Eladrin, Elves, Fey, Humans), Giant (Beastmen, Elementals, Fey, Giants, Humans, Orcs), Goblin (Beastmen, Fey, Goblins, Wargs), Halfling (Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Humans), Primordial (ancient – Demons, Elementals, Fey), Sylvan (Eladrin, Elves, Fey, Humans), Wretchi (Beastmen, Goblins, Kobolds, Lizardfolk, Wargs).

Note: Languages marked as ancient are not currently used by any natural race as a primary language, but are commonly studied by academics and scholars.
Note: All characters begin with Commmon, which is the human tongue of the Ragged Lands.

Note: Eladrin may choose to know Sylvan instead of Elvish as their native tongue.
Note: Halflings gain Halfling as a language in addition to their bonus language.


All classes are tentatively available at this time. In keeping with the theme of heroism, some class choices may be exceptionally hard to justify as heroic characters.

Note: All Divine characters must chose either a patron god or to worship the Pantheon as a whole. Please refer to Pantheon pages in the Wiki.
Note: Warlocks may not select the Sorcerer-King pact.


Frankly, I really only like running games about heroes. As such, no character may be Evil or Chaotic Evil. However, moral ambiguities and ethical trials abound in every world, so one’s alignment is not a set of hand-cuffs and restrictions. A character will receive ample feedback about his actions and their consequences in the game world. The only alignment requirements are for Divine characters. They must take an alignment that matches their deity’s, or unaligned if they choose to worship the Pantheon as a whole.


Each character may select a background from the list under construction in the Wiki area. Backgrounds represent a characters childhood, training, and experiences as a teenager. This influences their skills, language selection, and starting resources. A character’s choice of background will influence how others perceive him or her as well. If there is no background that fits what you had in mind, let me know and we’ll work it out.


Each character may select a theme that they qualify for from the list under construction in the Wiki area. The group’s choices of theme will affect what knowledge and resources they possess at the beginning of the game and how they are perceived and treated throughout the game.

Each theme represents the events of the last three years before beginning the adventure. At 1st level, a character gains his theme’s basic benefits. At 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 16th, and 21st levels, the character may choose a focus from his theme. A character must take a lower focus before he can take a higher focus in that same concentration.

Whenever a character gains a new level, he or she may retrain out of one focus into another as long as they could legally take that focus it doesn’t make any other current focus choices illegal. This counts as retraining for that level. Additionally, a character may not retrain out of a skill or feat that meets his requirement for his theme.

All backgrounds and themes are to be considered works in progress and may be subject to in-game modification. If you are unhappy with your current theme or want to modify or clarify your theme powers, feel free to discuss it with me. However, only under extraordinary circumstances can a character change from one theme to another once the game has begun!

Feat Selection

  • No feat may be selected at 1st level that changes a character’s type.
  • Arena fighting, Bloodline, Guild, Dragonmark, and Spell-Scar feats are not available.
  • All feats from all sources are subject to modification and DM approval to clarify or balance effects.
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