Description: You are a leader of warriors, soldiers, mercenaries, freedom fighters, or even brigands. You have always been instrumental in leading fighting forces, coordinating supplies, and managing resources, sometimes under enormous pressure. You are eager to push forward into combat, to test your skills, and to destroy the enemies of you and your cause.

Requirements: You must be trained in any two of Athletics, Diplomacy, History, or Intimidate, or have training and Skill Focus in any one of those skills.

Benefit: You gain your choice of Implement Expertise or Weapon Expertise for free.

Focus Focus 1 Focus 2 Focus 3
Discipline Cool Under Fire: While you are bloody, you and each adjacent ally gains a +1 bonus to all defenses. Tough As Nails: Encounter Power, Immediate Interrupt, Trigger: You are hit by an attack power, Effect: You take half damage from the triggering attack, and you may shift one square per tier as a free action. True Grit: Daily Power, Minor Action, Effect: You gain temporary hit points equal to your healing surge value, and you gain a +1 bonus to saving throws until the end of the encounter.
Drill Benefit of Practice: Daily Power, Free Action, Trigger: You or an ally within 5 rolls an attack roll die and dislike the result, Effect: You or the triggering ally may re-roll the die, but must keep the second result. Flourish: Encounter Power, Minor Action, Effect: You may make a basic attack, and you grant combat advantage until the start of your next turn. Second Nature: While you are dazed or stunned, you can still take a minor action.
Loyalty Unswerving: Your allies take a -3 to all attack rolls made against you, and you take a -3 to attack rolls made against your allies. Devotion: Encounter Power, No Action, Trigger: You would be allowed to draw a Hero card, Effect: Instead of drawing a card, you may allow one ally who can hear or see you to draw the Hero card instead. If you do, you gain a +2 to all defenses until the end of your next turn. Keep It Together: Daily Power, Immediate Reaction, Trigger: An adjacent ally moves or is pushed, pulled, or slid, Effect: You may shift squares up to your speed as long as you end within 2 squares of the triggering ally, and you and the triggering ally gain temporary hit points equal to your highest ability modifier.
Maneuvers Quick-March: While you are not bloodied, your base speed is increased by 1. Two-Pronged Assault: Daily Power, Free Action, Trigger: You hit an enemy with an attack, Effect: One ally within 5 may charge or make a basic attack against the same enemy with a +2 bonus to the attack roll and damage roll. Combined Arms: Allies adjacent to you may play the kicker on Hero cards if it matches your Origin or their own.
Morale Boost Spirits: Encounter Power, Minor Action, Effect: You and each ally within 5 gains a +1 bonus to the next attack roll made before the end of his or her next turn. Courageous Presence: Your allies gain a +1 bonus per tier to damage rolls against enemies adjacent to you. All Is Not Lost: Daily Power, Immediate Interrupt, Trigger: You are reduced to 0 or fewer hit points. Effect: You may spend a healing surge and do not fall prone or trigger enemy boons for reducing an enemy to 0 hit points.


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