Description: This world is a veil of tears, and it needs no help from the dark forces beyond to be difficult. By luck, skill, or intuition, you have set yourself as an enemy to these outer forces and seek to bring relief from the onslaught of demons, devils, and the restless dead. Whether as an occult investigator, a sacred exorcist, or a holistic healer, you strive to restore sanity and health to the afflicted and drive out the maddening influences that would invade the natural world.

Requirement: You must be trained in any one of Arcana, Nature, or Religion.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus to your choice of either your Fortitude defense or your Will defense.

Focus Focus 1 Focus 2 Focus 3
Banishment Smite Chaos: Encounter Power, Free Action, Trigger: You hit an enemy whose origin is not Natural with an attack, Effect: You gain +1d8 damage per tier on the damage roll against that target. Special: Against a demon or true elemental, increase this to +1d10 damage per tier. Revelation: Daily Power, Standard Action, Close burst 1, Attack: Your level +3 vs. Will, Target: Enemies in burst, Hit: 1d6 per tier + your highest ability modifier radiant damage, and you learn the origin and type of the target. Demonbane: Your implement and weapon critical pools gain “and this attack ignores variable resistance.”
Diabolism Sign of Rebuke: Encounter Power, Minor Action, Effect: Until the end of your next turn, any creature that hits you with an attack takes damage equal to your highest ability modifier. Special: This damage is doubled against an Immortal. Purge Corruption: Your weapon and implement attacks deal +2 damage per tier against Immortals and Demons. Inquisition: Daily Power, Ranged 5, 1 creature, Attack: Your level +3 vs. Will, Hit: 1d8 per tier + your highest ability modifier damage, and you may ask the target one simple question it must answer truthfully to the best of its ability.
Quietude Protect Your Neck: You gain a +1 bonus per tier to all defenses against attacks made by Undead creatures. Ashes to Ashes: Free Action, Trigger: You hit an enemy with a ranged or melee attack, Effect: Make a secondary attack against the target of your level +3 vs. Fortitude, Hit: The target takes 5 fire damage per tier and ongoing 5 fire damage per tier (save ends). Special: A bloodied creature takes a -2 to saving throws to end this effect. Silencer: Against Undead creatures, your weapon and implement critical pool gains “and the target takes 20 damage per tier.”
Sanctity Moonbane: While you are wielding them, your weapons and ammunition have the silvered property. Pure Blood: Daily Power, Healing, Melee Touch, 1 Creature, Effect: The target regains 1d10 hits points per tier. Special: You may instead choose to remove 1 point per tier of cursed or diseased damage from the target. Purifying Flames: Minor Action, Stance, Daily, Fire and Radiant, Effect: Until the end of the encounter, your weapon and implement attacks that deal fire or radiant damage deal fire and radiant damage instead. If an attack already deals fire and radiant damage, it deals +1d8 damage per tier.
Tribulation Hardships: You gain +1 healing surge, and your healing surge value increases by +1. Righteous Anger: Encounter, Immediate Reaction, Trigger: An enemy attack causes you to become stunned or dominated, Effect: You may charge or make a basic attack against the triggering enemy. Suffer the Costs: Daily Power, Healing, Effect: Until the end of your next turn, whenever an ally could spend a healing surge, you can choose to lose a healing surge instead, but the ally still regains the hit points. Special: You can discard a hero card instead of losing the healing surge.


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