Description: You hear the siren song of wealth, of lost treasures, and mysterious artifacts. You scour old books and archives, bribe caretakers and guardians, collect myths and rumors. You wander the world looking for the next big score, maybe the last score, that legendary relic or hoard to sate even your appetite.

Requirement: You must be trained in any two of Dungeoneering, History, Religion, Streetwise, or Thievery, or have training and Skill focus in any one of the previous skills.

Benefit: You gain a bonus of +1 per tier to all defenses against attacks made by creatures with any of the construct, guardian, or trap traits, and, whenever you use a daily power from a magical item, you regain hit points equal to your highest ability modifier + 3 per tier.

Focus Focus 1 Focus 2 Focus 3
Archaeologist Area of Expertise: You gain a +2 bonus to Dungeoneering, History, and Religion skill checks, and start with two additional ancient or modern languages. ZZZ: XXX. ZZZ: XXX.
Connoisseur ZZZ: XXX. ZZZ: XXX. ZZZ: XXX.
Graverobber Night Work: You gain darkvision with a maximum range of 1 per tier, and whenever you spend or lose any healing surges, you can shift one square as a free action. ZZZ: XXX. ZZZ: XXX.
Infiltrator ZZZ: XXX. ZZZ: XXX. ZZZ: XXX.
Plunderer ZZZ: XXX. ZZZ: XXX. ZZZ: XXX.


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