Description: You are a born liar, a gifted con artist, or a stretcher of truths. You delight in confusion, in befuddlement, and wrong-impressions, though perhaps you an expert in ferreting them out as well. These skills may be self-taught, ingrained by a tutor, or the result of rigorous training. Tricksters are common among the ranks of thieves and assassins, but are also prominent among those seeking to catch them.

Requirements: You must be trained in either Bluff or Insight.

Benefit: If you spend at least a minute observing a target closely, you learn which skill of Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate would be best for gaining favor or information from the target. Additionally, whenever an attack hits your Will defense, you immediately gain temporary hit points equal to your highest ability modifier.

Focus Focus 1 Focus 2 Focus 3
Cheat Gamesman: You gain a +2 bonus to Bluff checks, Insight checks, and to Thievery checks made for legerdemain. All In: Daily Power, Healing, Standard Action: Effect: You spend two healing surges but regain hit points for only one of them. Until the end of your next turn, you gain a +2 bonus to all defenses, a +1 per tier bonus to saving throws, skill checks, and attack and damage rolls. Tumble Fate: Encounter Power, No Action, Trigger: You roll a d20 on an ability check, attack roll, or skill check. Effect: You may roll another d20 and take either result. Special: If you discard a Hero card when you use this power, you may treat the roll of the second die as a natural 20.
Huckster Snake Oil: You gain a +2 bonus to Bluff checks and Heal checks. Also, whenever you spend a healing surge to use a potion or elixir on yourself, you regain +1d6 hit points per tier. Customer Appreciation: Encounter Power, Immediate Reaction, Trigger: An enemy misses you with an attack, Effect: You may shift 1 square per tier as a free action. The Midas Touch: Daily Power, Minor Action, Melee 1, Target: One weapon, implement, or piece of armor, Effect: Until the end of the encounter, the target gains a +2 bonus to its enhancement bonus and critical dice pools. When whoever is wielding or wearing the target makes an attack roll and misses, you can end this effect as a free action to allow them reroll the missed attack and take the second result.
Lothario Femme-Fatale/Ladykiller: Chose a gender when you select this power: male or female. Whenever you make a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Insight check against a humanoid of that gender, you gain a +2 bonus. You also deal +1 damage per tier with all attacks against humanoids of the chosen gender. Charmed Life: Daily Power, Charm, Immediate Interrupt, Trigger: An enemy hits you with a melee or close attack, Attack: Your level +3 vs. Will, Hit: The target is weakened and grants combat advantage (save ends both), Miss: The triggering attack deals half damage to you. Hot-Blooded: Minor Action, Close Burst 1 per tier, You and each ally in burst, Effect: The target regains hit points equal to your highest ability modifier +2, and again at the end of your next turn.
Sleuth Nothing Overlooked: You gain a +2 bonus to Perception checks, and you cannot be surprised while you are conscious. Provoked Truth: Encounter Power, Charm, Standard Action, Melee 1, Target: One bloodied enemy that can understand you, Attack: Your level +3 vs. Will, Hit: The target gives you one valuable piece of information about the current situation or area. Special: At paragon tier, this ability becomes a move action, and at epic tier, a minor action. Gifted Disguise: Daily Power, Illusion, Standard Action, Effect: Until the end of your turn, you alter your appearance to that of any other creature of the same type and size as you. If you do anything to provoke suspicion in those around you, they must make an Insight check opposed by your Bluff with a +5 bonus to pierce the illusion. You cannot imitate a specific, real person with this power, though you can recreate the same appearance over and over. Sustain standard: The effect persists. Special: At paragon tier, you can appear to be a size category larger or smaller than your own, and at epic tier, you can appear to be a creature of any type that has the same general shape (e.g. a humanoid could imitate an angel or a golem, but not an ooze or an insect.).
Sneak Nimble: You gain a +2 bonus to Acrobatics checks and Stealth checks, and can make Acrobatics checks to reduce damage from falling as though you were trained in Acrobatics. Fleeting Glimpse: Daily Power, Illusion, Standard Action, Close blast 5, Target 1 creature in blast, Attack: Your level +3 vs. Will, Hit: Until the end of your next turn or you make an attack roll, you are invisible to the target. If the target does not see you again before the end of your next turn, it forgets it saw you on its previous turn. Slippery: You gain a +4 bonus to all checks made to escape a grab, and if you do escape a grab, the creature grabbing you grants you combat advantage until the end of your next turn. Also, you do not take a -2 penalty to attack rolls while you are prone or restrained.


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